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Quick Start Kayaking Class

Quick Details

Calendar  Availability: May 19th through September 7th

Phone Booking: Call to book only

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$ 120

Learn to Kayak in Beautiful Seward, Alaska

Our Quick Start kayaking class is a great way for beginners to learn basic paddling skills and concepts, strokes, bracing techniques, and re-entry methods. There is no touring involved in this class, just instruction. We’ll put you in a drysuit, take you to the beach, and get you comfortable with the concepts and ideas while on the beach.

After you learn the basics, we’ll head offshore in Resurrection Bay and put these concepts into motion. By wearing drysuits, everyone can actually get in the water to practice re-entries and rescues. We can also cater this class to paddlers who have some experience already, and just want to refresh their skills and abilities.

Itinerary & Information

  • After the on-water session, you’ll return to the kayak shop to cover tides, wind/weather/waves, Leave-No-Trace, bear safety and food storage, and other important information that pertains to your safety and knowledge while kayaking
  • We can run the class most days, as long as we have an instructor around. Please call in advance to set a date. We have a minimum of two people, and you’ll meet at our office at 328 3rd Avenue at 7:15 a.m.
  • Usually, you’ll return to the shop around noon (give or take depending on how things are going). From there, you’ll probably spend an hour or so discussing the topics listed above
  • We are happy to cater this class to your personal needs. If you will be paddling your own double, and want to learn about re-entries, etc from a double – we’re happy to cover that
  • If you’ll be planning a trip in this area on your own, we’re happy to help with itinerary, water sources, camping beaches, etc. so please let us know what your goals for the day are, and we will do our best to make sure we meet them