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Lessons from Sea Kayaking trips that are also useful in a Pandemic

a sunset over a body of water

By Joe Kiefer, Kayak Adventures Guide Manager & Member of the Seward Wilderness Collective. In 2013, I was tasked with leading a 10 day kayaking trip in Baja California, Mexico for the non-profit organization I was working for. Thankfully, I was under the tutelage of Peter and Vicki, experienced kayakers and outdoor leaders who’d been…

Origin Moments: Why The First Trip Matters

By Glo Chitwood, Kayak Adventures Guide “Neuroscientists have something to say about origin moments. When we experience things for the first time, our brains, like inner diarists, ‘write’ furiously, recording even the smallest details: a blue sweater, curled orange peels, the tang of salt air on our lips. That’s why we remember firsts so vividly,…

The Power of Nature: Lessons from the Kenai Fjords NP

by Claire Marshalek. Kayak Adventures Guide & Member of the Seward Wilderness Collective There exists a natural phenomenon out in the ocean where many waves traveling at the same speed come together, overlapping and combining to create a single king wave. Their rogue nature makes them nearly impossible to predict, hence their name: sneaker waves….