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Adult, Family, or Private Tours

We have listened to decades of guests’ feedback and are proud to offer a choice of versatile and personalized tour options. Based on your group and adventure goals, choose between Adult, Family, and Private tour options. If you have any questions about which tour style is the best option for you, don’t hesitate to give us a shout!

Feeling inspired in Spire Cove

Adult Tour

Adult tours are our standard tour and most popular option. We cap our groups at 6 guests to maximize safety, education, and your experience.

The small group philosophy is central to the Kayak Adventures mission. Moving in small groups enables us to minimize our impacts on the wildlife & landscape, allows our guides to customize tours based on guests’ adventure goals & interests, and offers a more intimate and memorable experience.

Enjoy the opportunity to meet other like-minded adventurers within your small group. We believe a special camaraderie blossoms in small groups, as guests travel and explore with others who also have a desire to connect with and protect the great Alaskan wilderness.

This tour option has a two person minimum, and large parties (of more than 6) will be privatized. Guests must be 14 years or older (families traveling with kids under 14, see our Family Tour option).

Family Kayaking Tours

Family Tour

If you’re traveling with children ages 6-13, we’ll make any of our tours into a private Family Tour with your own guide. Family Tours have the same timings, same prices, and visit the same locations as our other tours.

With your own guide for the trip, move at your family’s pace and let your kids explore the things that they are excited about. Children often have different needs, abilities, and interests than adult guests, and our goal is to provide a positive experience for young paddlers.

Because we have always offered private Family Tours for those traveling with kids, we take an incredible number of families paddling every summer. Our guides are passionate about, and experienced with, introducing children to the natural world and to sea kayaking. You’re in great hands!

Minimum payment of 4 guests required. If you have fewer than 4 in your family, give us a call. We must consider the adult to child ratio, as we use all double kayaks (this can include your guide, who will be paired with a guest in a double kayak when the group has an odd number).

Sunny paddle at Fox Island

Private Tour

Private tour options are available for most of our tours. This exclusive tour option provides the opportunity to move at your own pace and explore the area with your own private guide.

Your guide will tailor the tour to your experience level, adventure goals, and interests. Paddle your hearts out, take lots of photos, or pick your guide’s brain on local fauna – whatever makes the most memorable and enjoyable experience for you!

Booking a private tour ensures that we will not add other guests to your tour. This tour option has a two person minimum. Pricing is based on the number of people and trip; call us for private tour prices.