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Guided Rental Camping Trips

Quick Details

Multi-Day Sea Kayaking Adventure in Kenai Fjords National Park

Our multi-day guided rental camping trips are geared towards experienced backcountry campers, who are traveling with their own camping equipment, but need the paddling / safety gear, and the guide. For these tours, you’ll need to have: a tent with an enclosed vestibule and solid rain fly, a synthetic sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, all cooking equipment/fuel/food, dry bags, water filter & bladder, and appropriate rain gear, clothing, and footwear. This is a great option if you’re already planning to bring your camping gear to use throughout your trip in Alaska!

We will provide all the safety & paddling gear, plus bear cans for your food. We will also provide a knowledgeable and passionate guide. Trip length is flexible, so just give us a call and we can set up the perfect trip to match your adventure goals.


  • Let us take care of the water taxi and kayaking logistics
  • Paddle the best of the rugged and dynamic fjords over multiple days
  • Learn from your knowledgeable and professional guide

Aialik Bay Guided Rentals

Our multi-day camping trips are priced according to the number of people on the trip, and we are happy to combine smaller groups when possible to bring everyone’s per person price down. We will only combine groups of adults (ages 14+).

If you’re traveling with kids under the age of 14, we will make your trip a private family trip. There will be no extra cost for a private family trip — we are excited to share this place with young explorers, and we recognize traveling with kids involves different challenges.

We always cap our trips at 6 people, to provide the best possible guest experience while minimizing our impacts. If you have a larger private group, give us a call to discuss arranging a private trip.

All prices are per person and exclude tax and gratuity.


Northwestern Fjord Guided Rentals

We can put together Guided Rental Camping Trips to Northwestern Fjord as well, but water taxi and fuel costs will be higher than trips to Aialik Bay. This is because Northwestern Fjord is further from Seward, more difficult to access, and cannot be coordinated with our day trip paddlers. However, it is still a beautiful and wild place to camp and explore. Please give us a call for pricing based on your group.

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