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Fully Outfitted Camping Trips

Quick Details

Paddle, Camp, & Explore The Highlights of Kenai Fjords National Park

Our multi-day tours focus on Leave No Trace practices, purposeful education and allow guests to fully immerse themselves in Kenai Fjords National Park. They are easy to pack, plan, and prepare for and can be booked on custom dates.

Our fully outfitted trips are geared towards people who are traveling light, don’t have much previous camping experience, or guests who are excited to let us take care of the details and make the coffee in the morning! Trip length is flexible, so just give us a call and we can set up the perfect trip to match your adventure goals.


  • Relax while we take care of the details of your trip
  • Paddle the best of the rugged and dynamic fjords over multiple days
  • Savor delicious, homemade backcountry meals prepared by your guide

Adult Tour Info

  • Small groups capped at 6 guests (ages 14+). Larger groups will be privatized
  • Meet other like-minded adventurers

Family Tour Info

  • Groups with children ages 6-13 will have your own private guide, at no extra cost
  • Paddle at your own pace and explore what you’re excited about
  • Children must be ages 6+
  • A minimum of 4 guests is required. Families with fewer than 4, please call


Our multi-day camping trips are priced according to the number of people on the trip, and we are happy to combine smaller groups to bring everyone’s per person price down. We will only combine groups of adults (ages 14+).

If you’re traveling with kids under the age of 14, we will make your trip a private family trip. There will be no extra cost for a private family trip — we are excited to share this place with young explorers, and we recognize traveling with kids involves different challenges.

We always cap our trips at 6 people, to provide the best possible guest experience while minimizing our impacts. If you have a larger group, give us a call to discuss arranging a private trip.

All prices listed are per person and exclude tax and gratuity.

Aialik Bay

Aialik Bay offers endless exploration as this expansive fjord includes multiple tidewater glaciers, a tidally accessed glacial lagoon, and numerous bays brimming with intertidal life. Paddle beneath waterfalls, past harbor seals hauled out on ice, and below the towering peaks that rim the fjord. Aialik is a great option for a multi-day trip because it’s the next bay to the west of Seward, making it closer and less expensive to reach than Northwestern Fjord. It is also larger, with more options for camping, paddle destinations, and flexibility when it comes to weather.


Northwestern Fjord

Northwestern Fjord is a raw landscape of recently exposed land, as the glaciers just recently retreated from this narrow fjord. Its moraine, a remnant underwater gravel bar, prevents many larger vessels from entering and creates a heightened sense of solitude and remoteness. Although its a longer ride from Seward, the dramatic landscape and quiet calm make Northwestern the perfect place for an extended trip. Any trip to Northwestern Fjord requires a minimum of 4 people. Please call for custom rates if you have a smaller group.

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Aialik & Northwestern Combo Tour

This trip is a great way to see both fjords! The water taxi will take us out to Aialik Bay, where they’ll drop us off at our starting beach. We will spend a few days paddling and camping around Aialik, and then the water taxi will pick us up and bring us to Northwestern (or vice-versa depending on weather & tides)  We will spend a few days kayaking & exploring before returning for our final pick-up back to Seward. The opportunity to see both these very different fjords is one reason this is a very popular trip!

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