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Multi-Day Trips

Multi-Day Alaskan Sea Kayaking Adventures

For a premier Alaskan wilderness experience, check out our multi-day sea kayaking tours in Kenai Fjords National Park, just west of Seward. From an overnight camping trip to a week-long Mothership, we have a multi-day tour that will fit your adventure goals. Come engage with our wild places on an intimate level – wake up to kittiwake calls or glaciers calving, and fall asleep to sounds of the sea.

Our Mothership Trips in Kenai Fjords National Park offer the greatest flexibility and maneuverability in the fjords at a high level of comfort. Explore all day and stay warm all night!

A multi-day Alaskan sea kayaking adventure fully immerses you in the pristine wilderness of Kenai Fjords National Park; camp on rocky beaches, paddle to tidewater glaciers, and explore a rugged wilderness teeming with wildlife.

Experience the natural beauty of Alaska on this multi-day sea kayaking adventure in Kenai Fjords National Park. You provide the camping gear, and we provide paddling, safety gear, and the guide.

Compare Multi-Day Trips

Aialik Overnight Special

The Aialik Overnight Special is our most popular multi-day trip. It provides a wildlife boat tour, two days of paddling, and a night of comfortable camping at our exclusive campsite. One day we’ll paddle to Aialik Glacier, the most actively calving tidewater glacier and largest in the National Park. Tide and weather dependent, the other day we’ll either visit Pederson Glacier through a maze of tidal channels or check out the dramatic granite walls and waterfalls of Abra Cove. We’ll set up camp on the beach where the water taxi drops us off, so packing and planning for this trip is easy.

Fully Outfitted & Guided Rental Camping Trips

We run two different kinds of extended camping trips: Fully Outfitted and Guided Rental. Fully outfitted trips are great for those traveling light (without their own gear) or who don’t have much camping experience. All camping gear, cooking gear, food, fuel, water, paddling gear, safety gear, and your guide are included. You’ll be responsible for your own sleeping bag and pad (or you can rent these if needed), personal clothing, tax, and gratuity. Your guide will prepare your meals, so you can focus on relaxing and soaking up your surroundings.

Guided Rental trips are designed for visitors who are traveling with their own equipment and have camping experience. We’ll provide the kayaks, paddling & safety gear, bear cans, and your guide; you’ll be responsible for your own camping gear, cooking gear, stove, fuel, food, drybags, etc. This is a great option if you’re already planning to bring your camping gear to use throughout your trip in Alaska.

All of our camping trips include the water taxi from Seward to Aialik Bay (or Northwestern Fjord) and back, offering a great opportunity for wildlife viewing. You’ll camp each night on rocky beaches and paddle to the highlights of the area each day. If you’re looking for an adventurous way to explore rugged fjord country, choose a multi-day camping trip!

Mothership Trips

For a multi-day trip with a few more creature comforts than a camping trip, consider a Mothership Trip. You’ll sleep aboard the boat, so you have a warm, dry home base for your paddling adventures. The Mothership also provides more flexibility, so you can do several shorter paddles each day to hit the highlights, rather than kayaking from one camping destination to the next. Our Mothership captain, Mike, will team up with your kayak guide to teach you about your surroundings, provide delicious meals, and customize the trip to your group’s adventure goals. For trips of 5+ days, we’ll explore both Aialik Bay and Northwestern Fjord, another bay to the west and deeper in the park.

Logistics and Information

Pre-Trip Meeting

All of our multi-day trips will have a pre-trip meeting at our kayak shop (328 3rd Avenue), in downtown Seward, at 7pm the night before the trip. This is an opportunity to meet your guide, other guests on the trip, go over the itinerary, and ask any last minute questions. We require a liability waiver and pre-trip registration form to be completed and submitted for each participant, at least two weeks prior to your trip. This form will help your guide plan the menu and itinerary based on your dietary preferences and adventure goals.

What Should I Bring/Pack?

We will supply you with a detailed packing list at the time of booking. We ask that your sleeping bag is synthetic on all trips except for the Aialik Overnight and Mothership trips, for which any sleeping bag is acceptable. We highly recommend the use of an inflatable sleeping pad, since we camp on rocky beaches in the fjords. You can choose to rent a bag and pad from us if you’d prefer not to travel with yours.

We ask that you leave all cotton items (including jeans) at home. The fjords are a cold, wet environment and if your cotton clothes get wet, it can be dangerous in the backcountry. Several layers of synthetic or wool clothing, as well as a rain coat and rain pants, are a great combination. Our extensive packing list will help make sure you have everything you need!

You are welcome to bring your own alcohol on your trip. We ask that drinking be kept to a minimum as we will be in a remote location where bears, weather conditions, and other risks must be actively managed.

Leave No Trace Company

In our commitment to being active stewards of our wild places, we have made the decision not to have campfires in the field. Here in Alaska we have plenty of daylight, and campfires leave behind unsightly, discolored scars on the rocky beaches where we camp.

On our multi-day camping trips, we use waste containment bags to pack out our solid human waste, and we use the tideline for urination. That way we get “two natural flushes a day”. If you have any questions about how these bathroom routines work, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Our multi-day trips take you into remote Alaskan wilderness. It can take hours or days to get help when in the field, so we try to be conservative in our activities and decision-making. If you have any medical concerns, please discuss them with your doctor prior to the trip. We will ask for medical information so that we can be aware of medical concerns before we leave, but it is up to your doctor to determine if you are fit to head into the remote wilderness for kayaking. All of our guides are Wilderness First Responders, and will do their best to handle any situation that should arise, but it is your choice to enter the remote wilderness and accept the risks that accompany the adventure.