Meet Our Team

We are a tight-knit community of passionate outdoor enthusiasts

Inspiration Through Education

We are all connected by a deep love of Alaska and the wilderness around us – as well as the desire to share these wonders with you.  Each spring we conduct a 3+ week intensive guide training for our staff (new & returning), and by the time our guides are leading trips, they each hold:

  • ACA Level 2 or higher skill assessment (sea kayaking skills & rescues)
  • ACA Day Trip Leadership assessment (trip leading skills for sea kayakers)
  • Wilderness First Responder Certification (wilderness medical skills)
  • Leave-No-Trace Training
  • Alaska Tour Guide Certification

In addition, our guides possess a wealth of knowledge about the local area and Alaska in general.  You’ll find that our tours incorporate as much of an educational component as you’d like, enhancing your local experience with a deeper understanding of the flora, fauna, and history of the area. Most of our guides have completed higher education in this field and hold degrees in Adventure Education, Outdoor Education, and other related areas. We are all here to provide the best experience possible for you, and we work very hard to that end… both behind the scenes and while on the job.

Trenton Gould
  • Owner
  • Guide
  • ACA Level 3 Sea Kayaking Instructor
  • Wilderness First Responder

Trent considers himself a grand generalist who enjoys windy hikes, sleeping in igloos, empty surf breaks at sunrise and reading the New York Times with a fresh cup of coffee. He originally hails from Southern California and spent his college years in Vermont obtaining a B.A. in Adventure Education and Wilderness Leadership.

After opening and operating his own company, Out There Adventures in Vermont for three years, he starting traveling. He’s guided in New Zealand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Uganda and many more countries, but considers Seward and the surrounding area one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Trent is very passionate about sharing our beautiful backyard with people from all over the world. He has worked in the adventure business for the past 15 years. You can find him answering calls in the office, arranging community paddling days for Seward locals, leading multi-day trips in the fjords or walking his pup, Miss Jones, around town.

Glenna Hartman
  • Logistics Coordinator

Born and raised in Central Illinois, Glenna was inspired to explore by long family road trips when she was young. After visiting Vermont just one time, Glenna was convinced no better place existed and decided to go to college at the University of Vermont.

She enjoyed the wonderful hiking in the Green Mountains, swimming and boating in Lake Champlain, and topping her pancakes with Vermont maple syrup. She graduated with a degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism with a minor in Forestry. Glenna enjoys sharing her love for the environment and the outdoors through education.

After college, she worked at a Forest Preschool and tromped around the woods with preschoolers, teaching four-year-olds to garden and identify tree species. Then she took an epic road-trip from coast to coast with her partner Norris. She lived out of a converted cargo trailer for six months while visiting 30 National Parks. Glenna is super excited to facilitate your awesome experience in Alaska!

Emily Burke
  • Guide Manager
  • Guide
  • ACA Level 2 Sea Kayaking Skills Assessment
  • Wilderness First Responder

Emily is a passionate naturalist and outdoor enthusiast, whose love of the environment and adventure took off early while living onboard a sailboat with her family. Back on land, she grew up kayaking, climbing, and cross-country skiing in the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire.

Emily graduated from Harvard University, where she focused her studies on ecology and marine biology and spent much of her free time learning through adventures, like surveying coral reefs in Indonesia and a cross-country road trip to climb in the Bugaboos of British Columbia.

More recently, Emily has been working as a tutor on a sailing ship in the New Zealand and as a researcher in Antartica! When she’s not on the water, Emily is usually off exploring mountain ranges, teaching herself the mandolin, or cozy’d up reading in front of the fire. Emily loves that she’s able to combine her interests in outdoor adventure and marine life with KAW – she can’t wait to paddle with you this summer!

Alexandra Metter
  • Multi-Day Guide Manager
  • Guide
  • ACA Level 2 Sea Kayaking Skills Assessment
  • Wilderness First Responder

Alex is a true educator at heart. She loves leading trips and introducing people to the outdoors. From exploring the mojave desert to climbing up big peaks, Alex enjoys living a lifestyle of nonstop adventure. After graduating from college with a degree in Philosophy, Alex moved to South East Asia to work in the adventure travel industry.

She spent three years living and working in the region, leading programs throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, and Hong Kong. When she’s not in Alaska, Alex can be found leading outdoor education programs in southern California and backpacking through the southwest.

She’s also an avid fan of pickup ultimate frisbee, scrambling around rocks, and a good session of watercoloring. She can’t wait to share this inspiring place with our guests!

Erin McDowell
  • Day-Trip Manager
  • Guide
  • ACA Level 2 Sea Kayaking Skills
  • Assessment Wilderness First Responder

Native to the majestic lands of Northern New Jersey and a seasonal resident of the Adirondack mountains, Erin proudly holds the title of “the outdoorsy one” in her family. She can be found enjoying long walks on a slackline, snowboarding, or marveling at the beauty of life from the comfort of her kayak.

Graduating from Bucknell University with a bachelor’s degree in biology, Erin has developed a passion for the natural world and sharing it with others. As a wilderness trip leader for Bucknell, she gained four years of experience guiding kayaking, canoeing, backpacking, rock-climbing, skiing/snowboarding, and caving trips.

Her love of the outdoors was so strong, she embarked on a 5-month long thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail to completely immerse herself in the great outdoors. She successfully hiked from Maine all the way down to Georgia! Erin’s travels have now brought her to Alaska, where she enthusiastically awaits the opportunity to share some of Alaska’s beauty with all of KAW’s guests!

Sid Smullen
  • Guide
  • ACA Level 2 Sea Kayaking Skills Assessment
  • Wilderness First Responder

Sid has always been a wild child for animals and camping in the woods! He loves sea kayaking, hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, and really any kind of adventurous activity. Born in Maryland, every weekend his father would load up the jeep and head to Assateague Island for all day surf fishing and beach shenanigans.

Sid wound up in western North Carolina where he enjoyed skiing the Appalachian ski “hills”, hiking the breathtaking trails and tubing down the chilly New River in summer. Sid followed his love of rugged coastlines to Maine’s Acadia national park where he spent a few seasons guiding sea kayaking, biking, and hiking tours.

He fell in love with discovering and sharing the outdoors with others, and is so grateful he has found his true passion in life. Continuing on his quest for the most beautiful places on earth he is incredibly excited to be part of KAW family! He looks forward to drinking in the beauty of Alaska and sharing it with you.

Sol DeMoss
  • Guide
  • Level 2 ACA Sea Kayaking Skills Assessment
  • Wilderness First Responder

Sol has lived in Alaska for nearly four decades. He has filled these years with too many adventures to count. Whether snowboarding and skiing all winter, or spending the summer sea kayaking and hiking, he can always be found outside. He has a deep love of Alaska. Living here year round gives him a unique perspective on life in Alaska which he is excited to share with our guests.

Joe Kiefer
  • Guide
  • ACA Level 2 Sea Kayaking Skills Assessment
  • Wilderness First Responder

Have you ever felt the magical feeling of being beyond your regular routine, when the world feels filled with wonder and possibility? Joe is WAY into that feeling and he’s been seeking and finding it through a life in the outdoors.

After a childhood of camping and climbing trips in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky, Joe decided to commit fully and earn a degree in Adventure Education. His fascination with outdoor facilitation put him on a path that eventually pointed towards Southern California, where he spent seven years training young leaders and directing a non-profit summer camp/outdoor education facility outside of San Diego.

That SoCal time also involved sea kayaking trips on the Sea of Cortez, alpine peaks in the Eastern Sierras, and a lifetime’s worth of good climbing in the desert. For Joe, that aforementioned magical feeling is best when shared and he’s excited about finding ways to share it with you!

Aidan Lee
  • Guide
  • ACA Level 3 Sea Kayaking Skills Assessment
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Leave No Trace Trainer

Aidan fell in love with Alaska on a month-long NOLS course, backpacking in the Alaska Range. Since then, he traded his pack for a paddle and spent three seasons as a sea kayak guide in the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior, whilst completing his degree in Ecology at the University of Minnesota.

He has also worked as a field technician on a long-term field study of the effects of climate change on plant communities. Aidan found his excuse back to the 49th state via an internship at Seward’s Alaska SeaLife Center in the avian husbandry department, where he nurtured a fondness for uncommon waterfowl.

On the water, he is always quick to put down the paddle and pick up his ‘nocs in hopes of spotting a lifer. In his free time, Aidan enjoys building yurts, strumming chords on his guitar, and cross-country skiing. He firmly believes that there is no bad day on the water, and loves to share his passion for paddling and the outdoors with others.

Tyler Smith
  • Guide
  • ACA Level 2 Sea Kayaking Skills Assessment
  • Wilderness First Responder

Tyler has always been somebody who loves to be on the water! While growing up in the Eastern United States, Tyler spent most of his time exploring Appalachian mountains, rivers, and lakes. However, it wasn’t until he moved to West Virginia that he developed a passion for outdoor adventure sports, and the people and opportunities that came with them.

Since then, Tyler has shared his love for the outdoors with many others. He has spent time working as an outdoor adventure trip leader for West Virginia University, a rock climbing guide, whitewater rafting guide, whitewater kayak instructor, and ski instructor. He has since found his way to Seward, AK where he can do what he loves- kayaking among the mountains, and sharing his love for the outdoors with others.

Tasha Arvanitis
  • Guide
  • ACA Level 2 Sea Kayaking Skills Assessment
  • Wilderness First Responder

Tasha is a scientist, teammate, and nature lover. Her wonder at the outdoors took off during college in southern California, where she studied physics and explored nearby parks. She took that love with her to New York City, where she worked as a chemist and software developer, all the while section hiking the Appalachian Trail, cooking up a storm, and playing sweet Ultimate Frisbee.

When not adventuring outside, she’s learning to draw, practicing her Dutch, contra dancing, or reading miscellaneous fiction. Tasha will be coming to Alaska from New Zealand, where she’s tramping, exploring, and teaching her younger cousins about geology, playground physics, and the immune system. She’s tremendously excited to bring her scientific background to KAW and to share the beauty of this inspiring area with you this summer!

Norris Johnson
  • Guide
  • ACA Level 2 Sea Kayaking Skills Assessment
  • Wilderness First Responder

Norris is happiest when he is outdoors. Raised in New England, Norris spent his days roaming the woods, searching for pow and cliff jumping quarries with his two brothers. He received his B.A. in Entrepreneurship from Bryant University and has a love for recycling and reusing gear. Norris dreams to one day own an online gear consignment company.

After college, Norris worked for an insurance company in Vermont. After 3.5 years at a desk, Norris quit his job and hit the road with his partner Glenna in a cargo trailer converted into a camper. They visited over half of our nation’s National Parks and experienced many cool adventures.

He then spent 6 months in Summit County, Colorado working in the ski industry and hitting the slopes as often as he could. Norris is thrilled about life and cannot wait to share his outdoor experiences with others. He also loves hot sauce and slack-lining.

Miss Jones
  • Shop Dog

Miss Jones is a rescue pup from Vermont. She has been an assistant guide to Trent on canoe tours in the Adirondacks, backcountry ski tours in New Hampshire, and many more! She loves long hikes, rolling in fresh snow, and treats of all shapes and sizes. She’s very excited to be our friendly, well-behaved shop dog here in Alaska.