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Rain Gear Rentals

Why do we rent rain gear?

In an effort to continue to promote environmentally responsible practices, we provide high quality rain gear for rent. We have found that a lot of shops in Alaska that provide rain gear as part of their tour prices purchase less durable gear that guests use hard throughout the summer. At the end of every season they have to throw out & replace their entire fleet of rain gear. To reduce waste, minimize our environmental footprint, and promote sustainable business practices, we prefer to choose quality products that will last us more than a handful of uses.

Making sure that guests are warm, dry, and having an unforgettable paddling adventure is our biggest priority, and we don’t take any shortcuts. Our durable, technical rain gear rentals meet the needs of our guests in the extreme conditions of the coastal rainforest and fjord country of Kenai Fjords National Park. Another advantage to renting rain gear is that we know our guests will be prepared, rather than wearing inappropriate, hastily purchased rain jackets or ponchos that won’t keep guests dry in our climate. Were all of our guests to purchase their own rain gear at as low a price point as our rentals, they would end up with inadequate equipment that won’t be used after their tour and may also end up in a landfill.

We have found that guests also tend to take much better care of our rain gear when rented because the reciprocal interaction of renting gear, even for just $10, provides a sense of responsibility. We appreciate this as we hope you respect and care for our gear as much as you would your own!

We would also be thrilled if our rain gear rental policy encourages you not to rent rain jackets and pants, but to go out and purchase your own high quality rain gear, wear it on our tours, and continue to play outside with it. Rain gear is an essential item for any trip to Alaska, and we promise if you spend a few days in Seward, you’ll want to have solid equipment for exploring the incredible landscape around us.