• Take a minute to get to know us...
  • We love sharing the outdoors with others...
  • We also love our jobs!
  • In 2007, we took the Discovery Channel to Aialik Bay to film a documentary about climate change.
  • We have a great group of guides who work with us. They're very professional, but lots of fun!
  • Christmas in August is always a favorite day for the guides!
  • We all like to work hard, and play hard... and Alaska is a great place for that!
  • We have guides that are great cooks, and guides that write songs!
  • Hiking on the Root Glacier during our end-of-season trip to McCarthy.
  • Our end-of-season trip with the guides in Denali.
  • In 2009, we were able to help rescue an injured swan that had an arrow in its side.
  • We're always looking for a good time and to share some laughs.
  • The Kennecott Mill and the Root Glacier, on our end-of-season trip.
  • You can't take yourself too seriously around here!
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Useful Links

We know how hard it can be to plan a trip to Alaska when you've never been here before.  So many options, so much distance to cover, and how can you tell what's best from just looking online?  You're not the first one to struggle with this.  So, we've put together this links page in hopes that we can help direct you to organizations that provide quality services.  We're happy to try to pass on as much local knowledge as we can, in hopes that you will have the best trip possible. 

Parks and Recreation

Kenai Fjords Cabins For Rent
Want to paddle in the fjords, but don't want to camp? Check out this site for more info on cabin rentals.

Kenai Fjords National Park
Take a look at the areas we explore on our extended trips. This is our backyard!

Public Use Cabins in Resurrection Bay
Information about the cabins at Thumb Cove, Derby Cove, Callisto, and Caines Head. Look about half-way down this linked page for the appropriate cabins.

Caines Head State Recreation Area
Learn about what Caines Head has to offer.

Map of Caines Head State Rec. Area
This map may take a minute to download, but will give a great overview of Resurrection Bay.

Alaska State Parks
Find your State Park cabins here.

Federal Public Use Recreation Facilities in Alaska
Find cabins and areas that are there for you to use.

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Kayak Adventures' BEAR PAW LODGE - Seward
Come enjoy all the luxuries of our beautiful log home! You'll have full access to our kitchen, living areas, high speed internet, deck with grill and hot tub, etc... while still enjoying the privacy of your own room. Let our cozy, yet gorgeous log home be your "home away from home" while you're in Seward!

Soo's B & B
This is a great B & B right near our shop downtown! Everyone loves Soo's, and the convenient location is a huge plus.

Moby Dick Hostel
This is Seward's only hostel, and is located right down the street from our kayak shop. The owners are great people, and the guests create a young, fun, and outdoor focused environment.

Earth B & B - Anchorage
This is a B&B located close to the airport in Anchorage. Check it out!

Kayakers Cove
Hostel style accomodations, as well as a cabin for rent, in Resurrection Bay.

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Local Weather Information

Weather Info. for Visitors to Alaska
Learn all you need to know about Alaska's weather.

Current Weather in Seward, AK
Find out what our weather looks like.

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Our Partners and Friends

Icebreaker Apparel - Pure Marino Wool
Icebreaker produces warm, comfortable, and innovative layers that keep you feeling great right through a cold rainy day at the glacier! Our guides wear Icebreaker clothing to keep the chill at bay even in the toughest conditions. Not only does the company produce a great product - but they do it with the environmental goals and sustainability that we like to support. Their whole philosophy is based on working with nature in a manner that maintains our balance with the earth. We wholly support their product, and their ethical and environmental viewpoints. Check out their gear... you'll love it too!

Vacation Rental By Owner
If you're looking to rent out an entire place here, or anywhere in the world, VRBO is a great resource!

Alaska SeaLife Center
One of the highlights of Seward... find out what the SeaLife Center has to offer.

Seward Chamber of Commerce
Take a look at what Seward has to offer!

St. Elias Alpine Guides
These guys run tours out of the Kennicott / McCarthy area. Check out their website for ideas about some great activities if you're heading that way!

Denali Trekking Co.
After you've explored the Kenai Peninsula - head up to Denali and get out into the wilderness with these guys!

We believe in the principles of Leave-No-Trace, and our company is a LNT partner. Check out their site to learn more!

The Original Bug Shirt
If you're looking for protection from the bugs while you're out in the Alaskan wilderness - this is the company for you! Check it out...

Quarterdeck Fishing Charters
This is a great company to call if you're looking for a day of fishing out of Seward.

Bold Earth

Wilderness Medical Associates
We believe strongly in the value of wilderness medicine education. We sponsor and help teach classes in Seward each year, through Wilderness Medical Associates. Take a look at their site for more information...

If you're looking for a fishing charter...

Weather Permitting Water Taxi Service
This is the water taxi we use to transport into Kenai Fjords National Park.

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Alaska Travel Resources

Seward Bus Line
Many answers to your travel needs.

Homer Stage Line
If you want to travel between Anchorage, Seward, and Homer - this is a good option.

Alaska Railroad
Get to know the Alaska Railroad schedules, prices, and possibilities.

Alaska Marine Highway
Taking the ferry in Alaska? Find schedules and prices here.

State of Alaska Online

Yukon Road Conditions
If you're driving up to our great state... you might want to take a look here!

Alaska Roads Weather Reports
Find out how the roads in Alaska are right now.

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Alaska Tourism

Anchorage Alaska Visitors Bureau
See what Anchorage has to offer!

Alaska Division of Tourism
A great source to help you plan your trip to Alaska.

Alaska Travel Industry Association
A great resource for Alaska knowledge and trip planning.

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Random Alaska Resources

Municipality of Anchorage
Find out all you need to know about the city.

Alaska Geophysical Relief Map

The Aurora Page
Come and see what the northern lights are doing!

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Log Dreamin' B & B
This is a really cute log home, built by the couple who runs it. They are local Seward folks who will take really good care of you, and make sure you enjoy your stay.

Camelot Cottages
This is a nice place run by a very friendly local woman. Check out their site - I'm sure you'll love it!

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Seward Paddling Association

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