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Justice. Equity. Diversity. Inclusion.

Our JEDI Commitment

Kayak Adventures commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)

At Kayak Adventures we believe that purposeful outdoor experiences can provide opportunities for personal growth, spur social change, and make our communities stronger. Our passion for fostering connections with outdoor spaces requires that we are inclusive and equitable in all that we do. 

This Means…

  • We will recognize our privilege associated with the majority culture of the outdoor community.
  • We will challenge assumptions about what embodies an outdoor professional.
  • We will include different perspectives in our company to remain open and adaptable.
  • We will actively advocate for Black, Brown, and Indigenous lives without minimizing their experience at the intersections of environmental and social justice.
  • We will ensure that JEDI principles are core values in all work that we do.

Our values are not simply aspirations for what we endeavor to achieve—they are bonds that connect us in everything we do.

In 2021 Kayak Adventures Commits to:

Facilitating a learning culture where all staff members are educated and empowered around how to create spaces that account for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Working with Alaska Native Organizations to update, expand, and develop consistent Indigenous land acknowledgments to be used across work platforms and training.

Partnering with diverse, allied organizations to expand our knowledge base and grow partnerships.

Actively seeking and recruiting staff who bring different backgrounds, perspectives, and identities to the outdoor recreation profession.

Sharing these core values with guests by engaging in conversations that amplify and advocate for marginalized voices.

Our commitment will not be fulfilled in the coming weeks, months, or years; this is a life-long effort, and we look to the future with more aspirations and goals.

Check out our social media for resources on intersectionality and please be in touch if you have ideas for how we can improve our JEDI work.