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Sustainability Vision

Here at Kayak Adventures, we are making great efforts to be sure our tours, and our business, are in harmony with the environment around us. We aim to inspire stewardship through the exploration of this beautiful area!

We attempt to uphold our mission by taking visitors in small group trips into wilderness areas.  Our business survival is dependent on a healthy wilderness environment and balanced wildlife populations.  In order for us to be sustainable and viable, we must first consider the health of these populations and environs.  The environment is our priority, and we hope to do our part not only to help preserve it - but to educate others how to do so as well.

At Kayak Adventures Worldwide, we believe that our business profit is secondary to:

  • The safety and education of our clientele.
  • The health of the wilderness environment we enjoy.
  • The health and safety of the wildlife we visit.


  • We seek a clientele that desires information and education, rather than just access to wildlife and wilderness areas.
  • We are cognizant of the possible effects of overuse of wilderness areas and wildlife viewing.
  • We are conscious and respectful of other users and activities in the areas we travel.
  • We respect local culture and are considerate of private lands where we travel.
  • We remain knowledgeable about the impact we have on the areas in which we operate.
  • We hope to communicate to the public our vision of the wilderness and the wildlife it supports.

All our staff receive yearly training in the following areas:

Wilderness medicine, kayaking skills / safety / and rescue techniques, Leave-No-Trace, local history and culture, climate change, natural history, native history, glaciation, geology, plants and dangers of invasive species, wildlife and viewing protocols, earthquake history, oil spill history, local weather patterns, tides, navigation, safety equipment use and protocols, bear safety and food storage, vehicle maintenance and repair, boat maintenance and repair.

We network with local tourism operators and researchers (water taxis, wildlife tours, the SeaLife Center, B&Bs, hotels, etc) to give and receive feedback on operational and safety issues, and to help create safe, enjoyable, quality client experiences. 

We communicate with clients about proper wilderness and wildlife protocols, anticipated conduct, and safety concerns both prior to entering the field and while in the field.

We hope this vision is in line with your goals for your kayaking trip, and we look forward to maintaining a healthy environment with your help.  In an effort to work toward this vision, we are donating $2 to Alaska Wind for Schools for every person who participates in one of our trips. 

Hopefully together we can make a difference.


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