Aialik Overnight Special

Exclusive campsite | 2 days & 2 glaciers | Group and Family Tour Options Available

Quick Details

Calendar Availability: May 19th through September 7th

Phone Booking: Call to book only 

Exclusive Aialik Bay Camping Experience

If the Aialik Day Trip sounds good to you, but just not long enough, then this is the trip you’re looking for! We’ll set up camp on the beach where the water taxi drops us off, so packing and planning for this trip is easy. We have exclusive rights to camp on this beach, so once the day trippers head home we will have the entire fjord to ourselves. One day will be spent paddling up to Aialik Glacier – an actively calving tidewater glacier that’s over a mile across at the face. The next day we will either explore Pederson Glacier or Abra Cove, depending on tide & weather considerations. This trip is packed full of wildlife & ice!

What is Included?

  • Price includes meals, tents, paddling & safety gear, your naturalist/guide, a 10 L day trip dry bag, and roundtrip water taxi
  • Pogies are also included to keep your hands warm while you kayak
  • You will need to provide your own sleeping bag and pad, or we can rent those items for an additional fee

Group Tour Info

  • These tours are limited to ages 14+
  • Meet other like-minded adventurers
  • Group tours are capped at 6 guests. Larger parties will be privatized
  • Two-person minimum

Family Tour Info

  • Children ages 6+ are allowed
  • All parties with children ages 6-13 will be privatized with your own guide
  • A minimum of 4 guests is required to book a family tour

Guided Rental Overnight

  • A Guided Rental version of this trip is available for $825 / person. This means you provide your own camping gear, cooking gear, food, fuel, dry bags, etc.

More Tour Info

  • Chevron down Itinerary
  • We will host a mandatory pre-trip meeting the night before the trip at 7 pm at our kayak shop in downtown Seward. This is a great opportunity to meet your guide & other guests on the tour, discuss bear & ice safety, go over the itinerary and get any last minute questions answered. We will meet the following morning at 7 am at the kayak shop, then head to the small boat harbor to meet the water taxi.

    We will have about 2+ hours on the wildlife boat tour out to Aialik Bay, and often we’ll encounter whales, sea lions, mountain goats, sea otters, and other wildlife on the way. Better than a large tour boat ride, the water taxi we use is small and provides an intimate experience with your guide and the captain. Learn all about the area, the wildlife you see, and hear great Alaskan stories while you pass the day with people filled with local knowledge and experience.

    The next two days will be full of adventure as we visit Aialik Glacier & either Pederson Glacier or Abra Cove. Paddling towards Aialik Glacier, harbor seals and sea otters often congregate around the ice chunks, as they drift and bob in front of the glacier. Black bears can sometimes be seen walking the beaches or digging for grub on the hillsides. When the wind and weather are calm, we are able to enjoy lunch in the kayaks sitting in front of Aialik Glacier, taking in the sweeping views across the glacier face. We’ll pass a relaxing evening enjoying a delicious meal back on the drop off beach and taking in the stunning views around us.

    The other day may be spent paddling to Pederson Glacier through a series of tidewater lagoons. The lower lagoon is home to many sea otters, harbor seals, black bears, and birds of all sorts. The lower lagoon often provides fantastic wildlife viewing, and a trip to the upper lagoon puts you right in front of Pederson Glacier. This is an opportunity to view and experience a previously expansive tidewater glacier that has retreated rapidly in the past decade to a landscape almost unrecognizable to return visitors. After two full days of kayaking and adventure, the water taxi will pick us up in the afternoon, and the ride home will be another opportunity to watch for whales and wildlife!

    Having the time to visit two very different glaciers in just two days makes this one of our most popular trips! The overnight also affords us the chance to visit the glaciers at quieter times during the day, which gives the trip a truly amazing wilderness feeling.

  • Chevron down Water Taxi
  • We’ve been fortunate to work with our local water taxi, Weather Permitting, for over 10 years! Their captains are the most experienced in Seward and their main vessel, the Weather or Knot, comfortably fits up to 18 guests. The Weather or Knot was designed with passenger comfort in mind. Its catamaran hull provides a balanced, smooth ride & is perfect for coastal Alaska. Sit indoors and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea, or lounge on the covered back deck’s bench. We are incredibly grateful to be working with this experienced, professional water taxi!

  • Chevron down What Should I Wear?
    • We will provide you with a detailed packing list with your confirmation email, which should make packing a breeze!
    • We will not allow cotton or jeans on a multi- day trip as the tend to be very cold if wet, and since you’ll be engaging in a water sport, in a coastal rainforest and near glaciers, we want to be sure to keep you as warm as possible. Synthetic and or wool clothing is a must. We recommend having a short sleeved layer in case you get some warm weather, a couple of long sleeved tops for layering, and a couple of warm fleece layers (or equivalent) in case of cold, wet weather. One or two pairs of bottom long johns and / or fleece pants for the bottom layers should do the trick. And all of your layers should be topped off with solid rain gear.
    • We require that you bring a raincoat and rain pants, since this is a coastal rainforest!
    • Your feet might get wet when launching or landing, so please bring footwear that will keep you warm, that you’re comfortable walking in, and that you don’t mind potentially getting a bit wet (closed-toe water sandals, running shoes, hiking boots, are all fine options). We have waterproof SealSkin Socks for sale at the shop as well.
    • We provide pogies (neoprene mitts for your hands while kayaking) which will keep your hands much warmer and more comfortable while you’re out there. You’ll want to have your own bottle of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • Chevron down Cancellation Policy
    • If you cancel more than 30 days prior to your scheduled trip, we will refund you in full minus a $10 per person booking fee for half & full day trips or a $25 per person booking fee for multi-day trips.
    • If you cancel 15-30 days prior to your scheduled trip, we will charge the card on file 20% of the total invoice.
    • If you cancel 7-15 days prior to your scheduled trip, we will charge the card on file 50% of the total invoice.
    • If you cancel within 7 days of your scheduled trip, we will charge the card on file the entire amount of your invoice.

    For more information regarding our policies, click here.