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Aialik Glacier Kayaking Tour & Wildlife Day Trip

Wildlife Boat Tour + Glacier Kayaking | Group & Family Tour Options Available

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Calendar  Availability: May 19th through September 7th

Explore Kenai Fjords National Park’s Largest Tidewater Glacier in Aialik Bay

Kayak Adventures was the first company to run the Aialik Glacier Day Trip over 10 years ago! This amazing Aialik Glacier kayaking tour allows you to explore more of the coastline, gives you a greater opportunity for wildlife viewing, and allows you to travel further away from Seward into Alaska’s great wilderness.

Explore and paddle near Aialik Glacier, the park’s largest and most actively calving tidewater glacier. If you want a taste of the pristine Alaskan fjords, Kenai Fjords National Park kayaking is the best way to immerse yourself in these immaculate inlets.

During our travels to Aialik Bay, look for local wildlife like whales, sea lions, harbor seals, mountain goats, and more. Once in the fjords, don’t be startled by huge chunks of ice plummeting into the sea from the Aialik Glacier. We might even glimpse a black bear or two wandering nearby.

Aialik Glacier kayaking is the perfect opportunity to witness the marvels of the Alaskan wilderness. Reserve your kayaking trip online today.

Group Tour Info

  • These tours are limited to ages 14+
  • Meet other like-minded adventurers
  • Group tours are capped at 6 guests. Large parties will be privatized
  • Two-person minimum

Family Tour Info

  • Children ages 6+ are allowed
  • All parties with children ages 6-13 will be privatized with your own guide
  • A minimum of 4 guests is required. Families with fewer than 4, please call us

More Tour Info

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  • Meet at our office at 7:15am, and we’ll get you to the water taxi by 8 am. You’ll have about 2+ hours on the boat ride out to Aialik Bay, and often we’ll encounter whales, sea lions, mountain goats, sea otters, and other wildlife on the way.  Better than a large tour boat ride, the water taxi we use is small and provides an intimate experience with your guide and the captain. Learn all about the area, the wildlife you see, and hear great Alaskan stories while you pass the day with people filled with local knowledge and experience.

    Once in the fjords, you’ll spend the afternoon paddling to Aialik Glacier.  Aialik is a very actively calving tidewater glacier, and often massive chunks of ice will plummet into the sea below.  Harbor seals curiously poke their heads through the floating ice chunks to watch you paddle by, and often black bears wander the beaches and hillsides nearby.  What a perfect way to experience the massive glacial ice and the soaring mountains of the fjords… from the seat of a kayak!

    Typically, the water taxi will pick you up at the same beach you were dropped off at, around 3:30 – 4 pm.  Then you’ll have another 2+ hours to look for whales and wildlife on the boat ride home.

  • Chevron down Water Taxi
  • We’ve been fortunate to work with our local water taxi, Weather Permitting, for over 10 years! Their captains are the most experienced in Seward and their main vessel, the Weather or Knot, comfortably fits up to 18 guests. The Weather or Knot was designed with passenger comfort in mind. Its catamaran hull provides a balanced, smooth ride & is perfect for coastal Alaska. Sit indoors and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea, or lounge on the covered back deck’s bench. We are incredibly grateful to be working with this experienced, professional water taxi!

  • Chevron down Why is this trip so expensive?
  • The two most popular things to do in Seward are boat tours & kayak tours. Our Aialik Glacier Day Trip provides guests with an intimate & purposeful combination of both of these tours in one day!

    Our water taxi ride to Kenai Fjords National Park follows a similar route to the larger tour boats, but fits only 18 guests, compared to up to 200 guests. Our guests enjoy intimate wildlife viewing opportunities on this smaller vessel, as well as learning from their knowledgable guide throughout the journey to Aialik Bay. Because we travel over 40 nautical miles by water taxi, the ride is enormously costly in marine diesel requirements. Therefore the water taxi costs make up over half of the per person price tag for this tour. The water taxi company we use has been in business for over 40 years and has a high standard of professionalism and eco-conscious business practices. We are so fortunate to have access to such a spectacular backyard, but please remember this is a remote backcountry area and it’s no small task for us to get out there.

  • Chevron down Aialik, Holgate, or Northwestern?
  • Although all of Kenai Fjords National Park is rugged and enchanting, one of the most important factors in your choice of paddling trips should be location & travel time. Aialik Glacier is the largest and most actively calving tidewater glacier in the park, so it’s expansiveness is matched only by it’s gregarious rumbling as giant chunks of ice sheer from its face. 

    Guests will find discounted trips offered to Holgate Glacier and Holgate Arm because this area is closer to Seward, and therefore cheaper to access. Holgate Glacier is significantly smaller than Aialik Glacier and doesn’t calve as often, so we’ve found that it doesn’t provide a comparable guest experience. If you’re already putting in the time and resources to make the trip out to Kenai Fjords National Park, we recommend heading to Aialik Glacier for the most awe-inspiring and memorable glacier experience. 

    We have chosen not to run day trips to Northwestern Fjord because the water taxi ride to access this area can be up to 6 hours roundtrip, which is too long for most people. If you’ve come all the way to Alaska to go kayaking, let’s get to the paddling! We do run multi-day trips in Northwestern; since it takes so many resources to travel that far, we like to stay a while once we’re out there.

    Both Holgate & Nothwestern are much smaller and more narrow fjords than Aialik, so there is not as much room for everyone to find their small slice of wilderness. In comparison, Aialik Glacier is over one mile wide at its face, and thus on a scale of its own.

    After 35 years in business, and many tour offerings over the decades, Kayak Adventures has consistently had the best guest feedback from our Aialik Glacier Day Trip. This is the number one factor in deciding where to focus our energy, and we look forward to sharing this place with you. 

  • Chevron down What Should I Wear?
  • For these trips, we ask you to wear synthetic layers of clothing – because cotton and jeans get really cold if they get wet. We also require you to have a waterproof rain jacket and rain pants, as you are visiting a coastal rainforest. If you do not have your own, we rent them at the kayak shop for $10.00 each (read more about why we rent rain gear).

    Please wear footwear that will keep you warm, you’re comfortable walking in, and you don’t mind potentially getting a bit wet (closed-toe water shoes, running shoes, and hiking boots are all fine options).

    If it is a cold day, we provide pogies (neoprene mitts for your hands while kayaking) which will keep your hands much warmer and more comfortable while you’re out there. You’ll want to be sure to have your own bottle of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

    You will receive a trip-specific packing list upon booking, so keep an eye out for it in your confirmation email!

  • Chevron down Cancellation Policy
    • If you cancel more than 30 days prior to your scheduled trip, we will refund you in full minus a $10 per person booking fee for half & full day trips or a $25 per person booking fee for multi-day trips.
    • If you cancel 15-30 days prior to your scheduled trip, we will charge the card on file 20% of the total invoice.
    • If you cancel 7-15 days prior to your scheduled trip, we will charge the card on file 50% of the total invoice.
    • If you cancel within 7 days of your scheduled trip, we will charge the card on file the entire amount of your invoice.

    For more information regarding our policies, click here.