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Cancellation Policy

We are happy to offer our guests one of the most generous cancellation policies around. Our trips run rain or shine as long as the conditions are safe. This is a coastal rainforest and we do see a number of rainy days.  We are a small company in remote Alaska with only 100 days a year to run our trips and are unable to issue refunds for last minute cancellations as it will simply be too late for us to fill the spaces that we have set aside for you. Please read our cancelation policy and give us a shout with any questions!


Failure to make payment on your reservation, or failure or refusal to submit the unmodified liability waiver provided to you, or non-participation in a reserved activity is a cancellation by you.  Other cancellations by you are effective when received by one of our reservation agents.  Our trips do run rain or shine, so please be prepared.  We will take a credit card at the time of booking to hold your reservation, and we will use this card for any charges incurred by cancellation, as per the policy below:

If you cancel more than 30 days prior to your scheduled trip,
we will issue a full refund minus your per-person booking fee.
($10 half/full day trips :: $25 multi-day trips)

If you cancel 15-30 days prior to your scheduled trip, 
we will charge the card on file 20% of your total invoice.

If you cancel 7-15 days prior to your scheduled trip, 
we will charge the card on file 50% of your total invoice.

If you cancel within 7 days of your scheduled trip, 
we will charge the card on file the entire amount of your invoice.

** Cancellation of any trip using a water taxi or other operator will also be subject to THEIR specific
cancellation policy, which may differ from ours.

** If you provide a signed note from your doctor, confirming true medical reasons for the cancellation…
we will discuss these situations on a case-by-case basis.


Although we rarely cancel trips, we reserve the right to cancel a trip for any reason whatsoever.  This includes too few participants, logistical problems, or circumstances which make the operation of the trip inadvisable.  Cancellations are at the discretion of the lead guide for the trip and the KAW office manager.  If, for any reason, these individuals decide that the trip would be unsafe or not possible as planned, they may cancel at any time.  If a water taxi, or any other operator, is involved – this cancellation may be their decision as well.  This is coastal Alaska, and bad weather can develop at any time.

We collect a 50% deposit at the time of booking and part of it is a non-refundable booking fee. This is $10 / person for half & full day trips, and $25 / person for multi-day trips.  Whether you cancel or we do, that cancelation fee portion of the deposit will not be refunded. Not charging you for your trip will be the limit of our liability.  We will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by you in preparing for the trip including non-refundable or penalty-carrying airline tickets, special clothing, visa or passport fees, or other trip related expenses. 

We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance for any trip to Alaska... especially if you have booked expensive tours, lodging, and transportation. We also highly recommend allowing some “buffer days” on either end of a trip, in case weather causes delays in drop-off or pick-up.  We can do our best to plan and prepare, but life is not always predictable in Alaska.  Please remember that these are outdoor activities, and Mother Nature is always the one in charge.


There are times when the water taxi believes that they can make through the Gulf of Alaska and around Cape Aialik into the National Park, but once there, they realize that the exposed seas are too high for passage.  If the water taxi aborts the trip in progress due to rough weather, then the captain will provide a best effort of a bay tour and the following fees will apply :

  • Aialik Day Trip : 50% of trip cost.
  • Aialik Overnight : Same fee as day trip, unless trip can be rescheduled.
  • Multi-Day Camping Trips : Trip will be rescheduled for next possible departure day, and no extra charges will be applied.
  • Mothership Trips : With the flexibility of the Mothership, it is rare for weather to cause major changes.  Usually we can tuck into a cove in Resurrection Bay and still find adventure while waiting for the seas around the cape to flatten out.  

It only happens a couple times a summer, but it is possible that the water taxi can get you to Aialik Bay and then the North Wind or other weather patterns can prevent you from kayaking once you're there.  We do our best to monitor forecasts and advise you of this possibility in advance, but sometimes it happens with little warning.  We will always make our best efforts to give you options before the trip departs.  If we know there is a preventatively strong North Wind forecast and the chances of kayaking are slim, you will be given the following choices before you leave :

Aialik Day Trip 

1.  Choose to proceed to Aialik Bay anyway, and make the best possible trip of it.  Maybe you kayak, maybe you don't.  This is your risk, but the captain and guide will do their best to make it a wonderful day either way.

2.  Reschedule the trip for another day.  This choice is dependent on when both KAW and the water taxi have availability.

3.  Receive a full refund (minus the $10 / person booking fee) for the day trip.

Aialik Overnight

1.  Choose to proceed to Aialik Bay anyway, and make the best possible trip of it.  Maybe you kayak, maybe you don't.  This is your risk, but the captain and guide will do their best to make it a wonderful trip either way.  We may be able to shift locations and find a destination in Aialik Bay that is more protected from the weather.

2.  Reschedule the trip for another time (day trip or overnight).  This choice is dependent on when both KAW and the water taxi have availability.

3.  Receive a full refund (minus the $25 / person booking fee) for the overnight trip.

Multi-Day Trips  

These trips will usually depart as scheduled if the seas around the cape allow for it.  We can usually make adjustments to the itinerary on a multi-day trip to accommodate for the weather to some degree.  In some cases, you may have to wait out the winds, but these trips will almost always depart as scheduled.


Trips may be delayed due to rough seas and bad weather.  We recommend leaving extra days both before and after your scheduled trip in case the weather turns bad.  For day trips, it’s nice to have the flexibility to reschedule when the seas are too big to go.  For multi-day camping trips, it’s good to have the option of delaying if the seas are rough… and it’s smart to have extra time in case the water taxi cannot make the scheduled pick-up due to big seas (rare but certainly possible).  If your trip has a delayed start time or an early pick-up time due to weather, but the trip still runs on the dates planned, there will be no refund or pro-rated cost.

We do not cancel our trips solely on account of rainy weather, so please be prepared for that.   We WILL kayak in all weather conditions (rain or shine), as long as the conditions are safe.


It is rare for us to have to cut a multi-day trip short, but it may happen from time-to-time due to weather.  If your guide deems the conditions unsafe or the water taxi predicts the seas will become impassable, and they decide you must come out of the field early, we will pro-rate your trip cost.  Your refund for days missed will not include partial days in the field.  If, at any point, your departure or pick-up time is changed, but you are still in the field that day – it counts as a trip day, even if it is shortened.  We will not refund costs if the trip is ended by your choice: whether due to weather, discomfort, convenience, scheduling, or any other reason.